Join the Sorceress NyteOrchid, the Ashe Elf Shehrah, the Warrior Shingen, and the boy Champion Kirre as they face the evils of the Goddess Leira, caught in a struggle between Good and Evil.  Amid the challenges faced in this rugged land, romance blossoms and grand love grows even stronger as our heroes stand at the shoulder of their friend, the boy who would be King!

The Citadel of En Kharakas.  Poised atop the cliffs of the Great Dead Sea, the mighty Citadel stands as sentinel and haven for the refugees of En Kharakas as they flee the hatred of the Malpractors and their wicked Goddess, Leira.

Eight towering walls of seamless stone climb into the wet clouds and snows of this wintery place.  The labyrinth within invites the foolish to dare uninvited entry.  The Lair of the Bronze far below the Great Courtyard.  The tunnels of the Drow...

Ancient hands built this martial place.  Ancient majiks remain its Guardian.

Beware the depths, the Ice Bears, the enchantments...and Kaahos, the Mighty War Mount!

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Though Heavens May Fall
by Sam Kerillion

NyteOrchid, the Crimson Sorceress.

Kings challenge her not.

Armies abandon the field when she aligns with the enemy.

NyteOrchid pumps the blood of Elves - Light and Dark - in her veins.  Long ago, even Nymph crept into her heritage.

Now she lives with the greatest love of her life, an epic love and romance so grande that she would surrender divinity, surrender majik...for Shingen. 

She stands at the shoulder of the Boy Champion, Kirre, as the Gods hurl challenges upon him...and she will fight them on his behalf!

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Sam has finished En Kharakas: Shohain as well as the third installment
of the magnificent new Fantasy Epic Series En Kharakas. 

Look for Book Two (Shohain) just in time for Christmas and
Book Three just after New Years!


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